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 Kabul Conference

The Kabul Conference was held on 20 July 2010 in Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul. Hosted by the Government of Afghanistan and co-chaired by the United Nations, the conference was envisioned by the Government as a renewed commitment to the Afghan people.

The Government presented an Afghan-led plan for improving development, governance and security, including priority programmes to enhance service delivery. The Government put forward a credible, realistic and “do-able” national agenda, underpinned by priority programmes and reform initiatives. These aim at producing tangible results for the Afghan people.

In order to enable the Government to implement its prioritized agenda, renewed emphasis was placed on the need for sustained and coherent capacity-building support at national and at sub-national levels.

The Kabul Conference is a critical stepping stone in a “Kabul Process” of transition to full Afghan leadership and responsibility, building on previous international commitments including the London Conference and outreach activities of the Afghan Government (in particular the Consultative Peace Jirga of 2-4 June 2010).

While the conference was not a pledging conference, it was expected that donors will align their programmes behind the plans and commit to the principles of aid effectiveness. The plans and the concrete outcomes of the conference will be prepared through the Joint Coordination and Monitoring Board (JCMB) and its standing committees. The United Nations also co-chairs the JCMB.

The Kabul process in underway following the conference. To achieve immediate results and increase confidence the Government undertook a series of 100 day rolling reform initiatives, in addition to the implementation of the Priority National Programmes.

These processes are part of reinforcing mutual trust in what is a renewed partnership in support of an Afghan-formulated progressive road map beyond the 20 July Kabul Conference.

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