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Afghanistan Emroz is a UNAMA weekly radio programme that, since 2006, is broadcast in Dari and Pashto languages on Radio Television Afghanistan (RTA) at 11:00 a.m. every Tuesday - 105.2 FM in Kabul - as well as on 1107 AM around the country. The programme is repeated on every Saturday at 9:00 a.m.

The radio programme was broadcast by Ariana 93.5 FM and several radio stations across the country.

The programme is presently under review, and it will likely be broadcast at a different time. Please check this space for the latest update.

To find out more about Afghanistan Emroz, call +93 (0) 79 000 5159 or email UNAfghanNews@un.org

 Radio Podcast
Women’s participation in Afghan peace process
27 January 2015 – A prominent civil society activist today discussed women’s participation in the peace process during the recent Afghan people’s dialogue in UNAMA radio programme. Listen / Download 
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Follow up of Afghan people’s dialogue on peace
20 January 2015 – Afghan civil society networks will organize more activities to ensure recommendations of the recent national conference on Afghan’s people dialogue for peace heard by the government. Listen / Download
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National conference of Afghan People’s Dialogue on Peace
13 January 2015 – Afghan civil society will organize UNAMA backed national conference of Afghan People’s Dialogue on Peace this week to discuss Local Peace Road Maps derived from group discussions with Afghans across the country. Listen / Download
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Afghan women’s achievements and challenges in the past 13 years
Kabul, 6 January 2015 – Two high profile Afghan women’s rights activists today shared their achievements and challenges they have faced for the last 13 years in a live roundtable discussion. Humaira Saqib, a women's rights activist and Mari Nabard Ayeen, journalist and women's rights activist participated in the discussion.Listen / Download
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Stolen lands of Afghanistan and its people
Kabul, 3 January 2015 – UNAMA’s Rule of Law Unit recently published a report entitled The Stolen Lands of Afghanistan and its People. The report is the first in a series of three on issues related to theft of state and private lands by private individuals, armed groups, communities, the government and the state. This report was discussed in this week’s radio programme. Listen / Download
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Civil society in London conference
KABUL, 27 December 2014 - To talk about the London conference and what civil society asked in the conference held earlier this month, the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan organized a radio roundtable to discuss about the significant achievements of the conference. Listen / Download
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