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Afghanistan Emrooz is UNAMA’s weekly radio programme that focuses on key UNAMA mandated priorities. Presented in the roundtable discussion and feature formats, the programme seeks to shed light on relevant issues that affect Afghans from all walks of life.

Afghanistan Emrooz is broadcast in both Dari and Pashto, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11:00 on Ariana Radio (93.5 FM).

In addition to the broadcasts on Ariana Radio, our programmes are syndicated to several provinces as indicated below.

Kunduz - Radio Khawar (90.1 FM) Tuesdays at 16:00, repeated on Thursdays at 16:00

Takhar - Radio Ghaziyan (91.1 FM) Tuesdays at 16:30, repeated on Thursdays at 16:30

Takhar – Radio Hamsada (89.7 FM) Tuesdays at 16:00, repeated on Thursdays at 16:00

Balkh – Radio Nehad (90.3 FM) Sundays at 16:00, repeated on Wednesday at 16:00

Jawzjan – Radio Boostan (87.7 FM) Sundays at 16:00, repeated on Wednesdays at 16:00

Paktya – Radio Awoshtoon (88.8 FM) Wednesdays at 20:15, repeated on Thursdays at 20:15

Samangan, Radio Sharwand (87.8 FM) Wednesdays at 16:00, repeated on Thursdays at 16:00

Jalalabad, Radio Safa (89.7 FM) Mondays at 18:30, repeated on Tuesdays at 18:30
Khost – Radio Khost Killid (88.2 FM) Wednesdays at 20:15, repeated on Thursdays at 20:15
Paktika – Radio Pashtoon Gaq (89.4 FM) Wednesdays at 8:30, repeated on Thursdays at 8:30
Paktika – Radio Milma (88.3 FM) Wednesdays at 8:45, repeated on Thursdays at 8:45
Bamyan – Radio Salsal (88.7 FM) Sundays at 20:35, repeated on Tuesdays at 20:35 and Wednesdays at 20:35
Daikundi - Radio Nasim (89.8 FM) Sundays at 20:35, repeated on Wednesdays at 20:35

 Radio Podcast
Confidence in justice system supports sustainable peace and development(Dari/Pashto)

28 July 2015 – in this week’s Afghanistan Emrooz programme we discussed confidence in justice system supports the sustainable peace and development. In the program we discussed how important is to have good justice system in the country and how we can increase people confidence in justice system. Listen / Download


Women’s rights and the peace process (Dari/Pashto)
21 July 2015 – Afghanistan Emrooz this week focuses on Women’s Rights and the Peace Process. In this programme we ask how to preserve the achievements that Afghan women have made in the last 13 years amid the Afghan Government led peace process. Our interviewees come from the Afghan High Peace Council, UNAMA Human Rights Unit and Women’s Rights activist groups. Listen / Download
Gender equality and development (Dari/Pashto)
14 July 2015 – In this week’s Afghanistan Emrooz programme, we discuss the relationship between gender equality and development. We ask how Afghan women can play their role in the country’s development despite the many challenges they face including illiteracy and harmful traditions that are still practiced in some rural areas. For this programme Afghanistan Emrooz talked with youth and civil society activists and included the coverage of UNWomen’s HeForShe Global campaign launch in Afghanistan. Listen / Download
Good governance in Afghanistan (Dari/Pashto)
7 July 2015 – In this week’s Afghanistan Emrooz programme we take a closer look at good governance and the cooperation between the Provincial Council and Civil Society in implementing their programmes. For this episode, Afghanistan Emrooz went to Parwan province to talk with and get the views of provincial council and civil society board members of the province. Listen / Download
The role of Ulema in the peace process (Dari/Pashto)
30 June 2015 - The role of Ulema in the Afghan-led peace process is the topic of this week’s Afghanistan Emrooz radio programme, including guest speakers from UNAMA’s Political Affairs Division and the High Peace Council. Listen / Download
Resilient Afghans focusing on "hope barometer" (UN radio)
23 June 2015 - The people of Afghanistan are expected to remain resilient and hopeful for the future in the face of increased terrorist attacks, according to the UN's most senior official in the country.

The UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Afghanistan, Nicholas Haysom, says that the Afghan people will take more than just security into account when assessing what he calls the "hope barometer” in a recent interview with Daniel Dickinson of United Nations radio in New York. Daniel Dickinson began by asking Mr. Haysom about the reaction to the attack on the parliament building. ListenDownload
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