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[These headlines/stories consist of selected excerpts from press articles and television news bulletins. The inclusion of headlines does not imply endorsement and UNAMA cannot vouch for the accuracy of these reports.]
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27 August 2014
Ahmadzai’s team says UN has asked for postponement of electoral audit process until Friday, urges UN not to accept demands of a particular team; UN highlights exceptional levels of consultation and joint oversight of the electoral audit; Run-off candidates meet President Karzai; Afghan leaders need to make hard compromise for the sake of their country's future and security – President Obama; Afghanistan to refer to UNSC to seek international support to halt cross-border shelling; UK pledges to renew its commitment to continuously supporting Afghanistan at upcoming NATO’s summit. NATO expects Afghanistan’s new president to attend NATO’s upcoming summit; IEC says, electoral process to continue even if it is abandoned by one of electoral contesting teams; Abdullah’s electoral team threatens to pull out of election process; Votes of 16,800 ballot boxes audited, 72 ballot boxes invalidated.
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26 August 2014
President Karzai to meet run-off candidates on Tuesday evening; MP claims that all resources in the treasury was spent for Ahmadzai’s electoral campaigns; Presidential spokesperson says New York Times’ reporter was expelled based on collective decision by President, chiefs of security organs and run-off candidates; Fighting resumes in Sangin; Pakistani forces fire 25 rockets into Kunar – official. Run-off candidates to meet President Karzai again to discuss new president’s inauguration date; IEC vote invalidation process not to be used as tool by electoral teams for seeking privileges, warns election observing bodies; Abdullah’s team says IEC’s figures of over 8 million votes cast in run-off is not accurate; IECC ready to register electoral complaints.
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25 August 2014
President Karzai rules out further delay for run-off result announcement; MoFA dismisses Pakistan claims that NDS attempts to launch suicide attacks in Pakistan; US says that Afghan authorities informed about release of Pakistani prisoners from Bagram; ACBAR urges parties to refrain from hostile acts against aid workers; Government, UNAMA express concern about delay in the electoral process; Presidential Palace denies NYT’s report about involvement of Government in electoral fraud; Electoral camps provide contradictory information about agreements made between candidates; Candidates to meet again on Tuesday; IEC vows to finish vote audit process very soon, start vote invalidation process on Monday; Afghan Government criticizes US release of Pakistani inmates from Bagram; 15 people wounded as a result of twin blasts in Kabul.
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24 August 2014
Normal vote audit process ends today – IEC official; Cooperation vital for early audit completion – UN; UN urges campaigns to cooperate with audit process; US defends Pakistani inmates’ release; There is no possibility for extension of deadline set for new president’s inauguration – President Karzai; Drone attack kills four civilians in Logar; Anti-Taliban resistance staged in Kunduz, Kunar; Government supporting domestic international media’s free activities in Afghanistan - Spokesperson Faizi; Number of illegal migrants to Iran soars; Insurgents storm ALP posts in Takhar, nine dead; IEC says it will announce final results of election in ten days if vote audit process is not sabotaged; IECC chief accuses the run-off candidates of creating problems in the vote audit process; Army official says troops will use heavy and light weapons, seek NATO’s support against militants; Provincial office of High Peace Council in Kunduz demands release of a Taliban commander, says police; Defense Minister expresses regret over disapproval of BSA; Candidates agree on authorities of chief executive, President Obama holds separate telephone calls with candidates; Pakistan fires 80 rockets into Kandahar – official.
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23 August 2014
First Vice President meets with UN envoy; US ambassador says other options, including establishment of an interim government, not acceptable for the international community; IEC’s deputy chief says vote invalidation process due on Monday, electoral teams comment on the process; US$ 18 million for holding presidential run-off, US$ 104 million spent so far in vote audit process – report; AGO starts investigation into alleged fraud audio file attributed to Second Vice President; Two die following new launch of rocket attacks by Pakistan into Kandahar – official; Run-off candidates make breakthrough in their talks on chief executive’s post; Abdullah’s team sets condition for partaking in vote invalidation process; President Karzai re-emphasizes new presidential inauguration in two weeks; Residents in Kunduz district stage uprising against Taliban; Afghan currency’s value declines due to electoral disputes.
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22 August 2014
President Karzai says date for new presidential inauguration will not be extended at any cost; Afghanistan will have no future if people’s clean votes are not defended – Abdullah; Run-off candidates to continue their meetings on Saturday and Sunday; Government dismisses UNAMA’s reaction to expulsion of New York Times’ reporter; Defence Minister accuses ISI of destabilizing Afghanistan; Political dialogue doesn’t mean seeking privileges – Abdullah; IEC says over 14,000 ballot boxes have been audited; IECC warns to use its authority if electoral crisis does not end; Kabul residents urge early announcement of run-off results; Violence against journalists increases 60 per cent; US state department, Afghan journalists safety committee and Ahamdzai’s electoral team condemn expulsion of New York Times’ reporter; Clashes continue in Kunduz
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21 August 2014
Karzai urges election results on schedule; Outsiders out to disrupt vote audit: Hotaki; six people hurt in Kabul, Nangarhar blasts; EU gives $95 million to finance police salaries; Nuristan governor denies Doab district fall; Complaints to be addressed after audit: IECC; Kabul asked to reverse decision to expel reporter; UN condemns clash and interruption to audit; Seven injured in yesterday’s clash in IEC, UN expresses concern about yesterday’s clash; Du Ab district of Nuristan province falls in Taliban’s control; Finance minister says funds to Afghan forces should increase; Attorney General issues order for NYT reporter to leave Afghanistan; Australian ambassador says no financial assistance unless BSA is signed
Presidential candidates met today; AIHRC expresses concern over growing tradition of Bacha Bazi in Afghanistan; A foreign soldier beheaded in PD10 of Kabul.
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20 August 2014
UNAMA condemns Tuesday’s clash at IEC; National Unity Committee leaves two points for candidates to decide; Karzai’s top security aide dismisses a need for formation of an interim government; Balkh Governor reacts to Ahmadzai’s mocking response; Taliban captures district in Nuristan; Foreign national stabbed in Kabul; President Karzai calls for early announcement of election result; Abdullah warns not to accept flawed result echoed by Noor; Ahmadzai calls on Abdullah to accept executive post; Noor reacts to Amadzai’s horselaugh; Vote audit criteria are problematic, says a member of Abdullah’s team; Released militants join Taliban.
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19 August 2014
Kerry vows that US will strongly support democratic process and the agreement reached between the two candidates; Ahmadzai hopes that Abdullah will assume post of chief executive if he fails to win the election; Balkh Governor calls for indisputable completion of electoral process; Council of Ministers orders government entities to implement transition of aerial territory from ISAF to the Government; Finance Ministry says Government will be able to pay its employees’ salaries only for the next three months; Nation Unity Committee fails to agree on authorities of executive chief; IEC hopes to complete the vote audit process within two weeks; IEC dismisses assertion that vote invalidation process is handled by UNDP; Donors withhold assistance over delay of election’s results; Taliban not behind killing 14 civilian in Ghor, says delegation; Recent rocket attacks by Pakistan kills 13 civilians, injure more.
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18 August 2014
UN praises improvements made in the vote audit process; National Unity Commission will soon announce dates for the announcement of the result of Presidential run-off, presidential inauguration; NSC accuses ISI of funding Afghan militants; AGO starts investigation about Dostum’s interference in oil extraction process in north; Video shows Taliban commander and leader of Salafists in Kunar, endorsing ISIS leader; Seven of 11 kidnapped deminers released; Members of National Unity Government report progress in their talks; Abdullah’s team claims that they have discovered a lot of things in the audit process of 6,000 ballot boxes; Ahmadzai bursts into laughter when asked to comment about recent remarks of Balkh governor; Huge gathering in Kandahar opposes coalition government, warns to refuge to Taliban if its demands are not met; HPC, AIHRC comment about Hekmatyar’s efforts for opening a political office in Kabul; Afghan forces fight Taliban in 14 provinces following an unprecedented surge in militants’ activities; Minister offers priority to Afghans to invest in mining sector.
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