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[These headlines/stories consist of selected excerpts from press articles and television news bulletins. The inclusion of headlines does not imply endorsement and UNAMA cannot vouch for the accuracy of these reports.]
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17 September 2014
Presidential contenders meet at US embassy, talks yet to yield any results; IECC to announce its decision on vote results this week; Ashraf Ghani’s team says fake audio clip attributed to Karim Khalili; 955 civilians killed in the first six month of year 1393, says the Interior Minister; Deputy Ambassador of Pakistan summoned over Panjabi Taliban remarks; The upper house summons security ministers and NDS officials; Bette Dam writes a new book on how President Karzai comes to power.
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16 September 2014
Candidates focusing on authorities of chief executive; Candidates differ on power sharing; 1TV obtains draft agreement; IEC: 1,028 ballot boxes invalidated during full vote audit; IECC to start adjudication on Tuesday; NDS arrests notorious criminal; Political dialogue over border fire; Kabul appeal court issues its verdict against perpetrators of Paghman gang rape; SIGAR cites specific corruption in Afghan government.
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15 September 2014
UNAMA warns of assistance reduction following protests; Karzai expresses hope candidates will agree; Electoral teams comment on deadlock; Transformation and Continuity team likens deadlock to hostage-taking; IEC announces Sunday as last day of audit; NDS: Quetta Shura behind Ghazni attack; Defence Ministry: Taliban trying to gain ground; Public Works Minister: US opposes construction of ring road; Karzai assigns delegation to investigate Pakistan trench.
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13 September 2014
White House urges run-off candidates to honour their commitment; Electoral teams comment about recent remarks of Balkh Governor; Tajikistan supports formation of national unity government in Afghanistan; Pakistan starts digging trenches along Afghan border; Taliban kidnaps district chief in Paktya; SCO assures President Karzai of financial, military assistance for Afghanistan; Top UN officials ask candidates to act based on their pledges; Candidates vow to UN official to resume talks; IEC chief says vote technical process to end on Sunday; IEC invalidates votes of 95 polling sites; Protesters call for removal of UN envoy, ask US, UN and UK to step out from electoral process; SCO calls Afghan situation threatening; Local officials accuse regional spy agencies of paying militants in Helmand.
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11 September 2014
Kubis endorses Ulema call for unity govt; Karzai slams US deadly strike in Kunar; Wolesi Jirga offers to help resolve standoff; US says still very focused on Afghanistan; Uruzgan Hajj, religious affairs director hurt in blast; Haqqani network poses a serious threat - US; Pakistan digging trenches near Afghan border; Get to grips with foreign meddling, new president asked; President Karzai to meet Presidential contender tomorrow;  Technical work of the electoral audit process end on Wednesday, says IEC; Biggest Afghan flag flown in Kabul;  Indian Foreign Minister vows to remain first strategic partner of Afghanistan; Tuesday’s celebratory shootings kill one, wound five in Kabul; 80 per cent of female students abandon their schools in Shindand due to Taliban’s threat; 11 civilians killed in an airstrike by the International troops in Kunar; World suicide prevention day marked in Kabul.
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10 September 2014
UN chief asks Presidential candidates to agree on formation of national unity government; UN endorses a call from Ulema Council for the candidates to resolve their differences; Lower House expresses willingness to mediate a settlement between the Presidential candidates; A number of MPs are seeking asylum from western countries, said Parliament Speaker; Ten civilians died, 12 wounded as  result of  air strike by international forces – Kunar governor, 3,000 Afghans serve sentences in Indonesian jails – Afghan Deputy Foreign Minister; UN envoy meets with head and members of Ulema Council; President Karzai asks candidates to make an agreement soon; IEC official says no decision on when to announce poll results; Massoud urges IEC to announce results of electoral audit process soon; Qanuni calls for establishment of a democratically-elected government; Sayyaf calls for launch of a campaign against spies; Man arrested after raping his daughter for one year.
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9 September 2014

Abdullah says political process entered a deadlock; IEC to announce run-off results even if even candidates do not reach political agreement; Gailani urges presidential candidates to end electoral tension; Wali Massoud says Kerry’s suggestion for formation of national unity government was incomplete; Helmand police chief says Pakistan daily pays 4,000 Afs to each militant in the province; 60 per cent of Afghans still illiterate; UN envoy briefs President Karzai on electoral audit process; Abdullah delays announcement of his position after receiving call from Barrack Obama; Ahmadzai’s team urges Abdullah’s team to respect the Constitution; Massoud says announcement of poll results before a political agreement will drive the country into a deep crisis; Pak military makes advancement into Afghan territory in Kunar – local official.

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8 September 2014
UN envoy briefs IEC about recent developments in political talks between two candidates; Obama urges Presidential candidates to agree upon formation of a national unity government; Presidential candidates to meet on Monday; MPs say country needs a political opposition; Muslimyar opposes formation of interim government; Court sentences rapists to death; 25-year-old woman burned by her in-laws in Bamyan; Kabul NDS seizes 15,000 kilograms of ammonium nitrate; Foreign forces damage their equipment before leaving bases – report. 
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7 September 2014
Rift between electoral teams on authorities of chief executive still exists; German Foreign Minister warns on dire consequences of prolonged electoral process; Sayyaf warns that announcement of poll results before a political agreement will drive the country to instability and insecurity; Abdullah’s team threatens to boycott political talks; IEC says poll results to be announced after completion of technical process; IECC adjudicates complaints filed by Ahmadzai’s team; President Karzai stabs foreigners for threatening his administration; President Karzai, AGO demand death penalty for rapists.
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6 September 2014
Vote audit process completed on Thursday evening – IEC; Both teams fail to decide over authorities of “chief executive”; Mohammadi says both presidential candidates to accept election result; IEC urges candidates to avoid creating more electoral problems; NATO chief says NATO to begin its new mission after signing of BSA; Mohammadi says international community’s assistance to increase by one billion
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