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[These headlines/stories consist of selected excerpts from press articles and television news bulletins. The inclusion of headlines does not imply endorsement and UNAMA cannot vouch for the accuracy of these reports.]
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23 July 2014
Formation of national unity government the only solution to Afghan electoral crisis, says Spanta; Dobbins visits vote audit process at the IEC; Lack of finalization of votes invalidation mechanism could halt audit process - IEC; Karzai took side in the election and not me - Abdullah Abdullah; candidates agreement should not contradict Constitution - Deputy Lower House; Senate refers Karim to the Attorney-General’s Office; Suicide attack kills four foreign security guards in Kabul; Foreign national appointed by Abdullah’s team as observer – Sultanzoy.
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22 July 2014
A UNAMA-mediated bylaw on a mechanism for vote invalidation to be approved soon – electoral teams; Reporters banned from covering vote audit process; US ambassador calls on run-off candidates to avoid making conflicting views; Ahmadzai’s running mate rebuffs reports that run-off candidates agreed on distribution posts in future government; PC candidate gunned down in Helmand; ALP commander in Kapisa kidnaps children for ransom; Electoral teams say political agreement unchangeable; Political agreement between candidates a positive step to avoid political crisis getting worse – FEFA; Poll watchdog institutions concerned about fight between electoral teams over auditing checklists; IEC says 600 ballot boxes audited; Foreign ministry says Haqqani network not targeted in Pakistan’s Waziristan; Youth group supports formation of a national unity government.
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21 July 2014
UNAMA welcomes resumption of vote audit process; No one will be allowed to create a crisis, says Abdullah; Head of New Kabul Bank says future of the bank should be determined; Governors, mayors sell state-owned lands in provinces - senator; Increasing cases of diarrhea reported in Kandahar and Parwan; Vote audit process resumes after hours of delay; Candidates’ representatives say differences between agents won’t hurt agreement made between run-off candidates; Candidates’ electoral teams criticize IEC for slowed vote audit process; ISAF is continuing transportation of ballot boxes to Kabul; Recent attacks on Kabul airport has made national, international airliners concerned; Governor, police chief fired after Taliban closes girls’ schools in Shindand.
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20 July 2014
Vote audit process suspended due to disagreement between electoral teams; EUEAT says it actively observers the vote audit process; Qanuni praises US State Department’s efforts for breaking the electoral stalemate; Pakistan stops digging, extending barbed wires along Durand Line – Afghan minister; UNAMA says it has enough international poll observers; Qanuni says plan for forming a national unity government was imposed on Afghans from abroad; IEC to make the final decision about invalidation of votes – IEC spokesman; Vote auditing process will be useless if a document laying out invalidation of votes is not approved – Manawi; National, international electoral observers express satisfaction over vote audit process; Head, two members of Constitutional Oversight Commission fail to win lawmakers’ vote of confidence; MoD says foreign intelligence circles avoid improvement of Afghan aerial forces.
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19 July 2014
Qanuni praises UN's role in breaking electoral impasse; US mediation in Afghan electoral crisis based on Hamid Karzai's request - senior US Congressman; Abdullah's spokesman reveals details of Abdullah and Ahmadzai's recent meeting, emphasizes UN's role in vote audit process; Ahmadzai denies formation of a coalition government; Third phase of fraud is being staged disastrously, writes an observer of Abdullah’s team; Taliban predicts victory for Ahmadzai in Afghan election; Afghans protest against Israel attack on Gaza Strip.
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17 July 2014
UNAMA backs ceasefire during Ramadan; Iran condemns recent bombings in Afghanistan; Kunduz airport preparing for international flights; Obama is hopeful for peaceful transition of power; Kabul pledges half a million dollar in aid to Palestinians; IEC to officially start vote audit on Thursday; Parliamentary not yet suitable for the country, says Karzai; Lower House summons Interior Minister; Karzai did not utilize the opportunities, Abdullah Abdullah told AP; Haqqani network behind Urgun car bomb incident, says NDS; UN & US embassy in Kabul condemned Urgun terrorist attack.
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16 July 2014
Spokesman denies Hamid Karzai’s role in national unity government; Run-off candidates agree to avoid divisive issues; Qanuni emphasizes on the role of international observers in vote audit process; Khalili hails efforts of international community, UN for solving electoral problems; Agreement between run-off candidates has been documented and US will implement it at any price - political analyst; UN demands delay in vote audit, proposes more checklists for audit – IEC commissioner; Run-off candidates hold face to face meeting, discuss successful conclusion of vote audit process; US agreed on formation of a national unity government as Afghanistan was feared to face division - unnamed US official; FEFA to monitor vote audit, transfer of ballot boxes to Kabul; 90 people die in Orgun incident – MoD.
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15 July 2014
Afghan leaders urged to rise above divisions; Planning for vote audit has begun: IEC; Massoud may be named as chief executive; Democracy International to observe vote audit; ISAF pullout fuelling unemployment; Lawlessness threat to democracy: AIHRC; Taliban kill two tribal elders in Kapisa; Ministry of Interior appoints new police chief for Helmand; Auditing votes postponed; Both teams accept audit result; Some MPs call for parliamentary system; Activist call on Karzai not to sign a law that gives special privileges to MPs; Different views of national unity government; UN presents guideline for vote audit; Hundreds of people protest against formation of coalition government; Letter to Kerry contained no secret issue– Mustaghni; Gunmen kill two people in Kunduz.
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14 July 2014
UNAMA asks Karzai to postpone inauguration of new President; Abdullah’s running mate reveals details of candidates’ decision with John Kerry; TEFA and EWA welcome agreement between run-off candidates; Upper House Speaker criticizes Kerry’s election mediation; Upper House welcomes John Kerry, UN’s election role; IEC, IECC officials support any move to ensure transparency of electoral process; Former IEC chief says poll audit process should be based on international standards; Loser candidate can take part in future government - Ahmadzai’s team; Kabul residents welcome formation of national unity government.
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13 July 2014
UN envoy calls on international organizations to send their observers for poll audit process; Supporters of Ahmadzai oppose formation of interim administration; IECC commissioner says 90 per cent of electoral commissions’ staff belong to specific group; Governor denies reports that Pakistani migrants armed; Senate says major drug smuggler released; Electoral teams express hopeful about results of talks with Kerry; IEC chief, poll watchdog entities express concern about credibility of electoral commissions; MPs oppose formation of a coalition government, interim administration; Lower House approves law giving privileges to retired lawmakers; Central Bank calls for immediate enforcement of Anti-Money Laundering law.
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