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Some of the stories making headlines in Afghan provinces. UNAMA Strategic Communication Office makes no claim for the accuracy of these reports. 



 Voices from the Provinces Articles
BADAKHSHAN: Wakhan introduced as second national park
31 March 2014 – The Wakhan district of Badakhshan province for having its special good nature and wildlife has been proclaimed as the second National Park of Afghanistan.
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GHAZNI: Powerful individuals occupy parts of township allotted to Afghan returnees
26 March 2014 – Some powerful individuals have occupied large parts of a township allotted by the government to the families of returnees in Ghazni province.
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KANDAHAR: Polio vaccination campaign starts in southern region
24 March 2014 – The anti-polio campaign was started in southern region on Sunday. The Head of the Public Health Department of Kandahar, Dr Abdul Qayoum Pokhla, inaugurated the campaign.
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PAKTYA: Hundreds of fruit orchards to be planted
24 March 2014 - Hundreds of fruit orchards will be planted in the capital and districts of Paktya province during the spring season this year.
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HERAT: Inauguration of a sanatorium for disabled people
24 March 2014 – First ever in its kind, a sanatorium for Afghan disabled persons was inaugurated in Herat.
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HERAT: Agriculture Department spends US$12 million on development projects
24 March 2014 - The Department of Agriculture in Herat announced that it has spent about US$12 million in 1392 solar year for completion various development projects.
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PAKTYA: Officials demand resolving shortage of teachers in Khost
23 March 2014 – The officials of Education Department in Khost have asked the Ministry of Education to resolve the problem of shortage of teachers in the province.
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KHOST: Olympic Committee to plant over 6,000 saplings during this spring
19 March 2014 – The Olympic Committee will plant over 6,000 saplings in the Khost province during spring this year.
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GHAZNI: Insecurity, social constraints impede women’s businesses
19 March 2014 – Despite tremendous eagerness of women in businesses, social constraints and insecurity are severely impeding the opportunities for women in Ghazni province.
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PAKTYA: RTA starts broadcast from Paktika
17 March 2014 – The state-run television, Radio Television of Afghanistan (RTA), has started its broadcast for the first time from Paktika province.
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